Do Cats love Fish

Cats are the most amazing pets as far as my interest and affection are concerned. It is a topic of debate from a long time that whether cat loves to eat fish or not. If we look at the history, we will come to know that Egyptians are the first who domesticized the cats. It was a practice of them to grab the attention of the cats by showing them “fish”. The love of the fish developed in the cats due to this practice in the past. Egyptian cats have a huge love for the fishes and seafood but some cats are allergic towards the fishes as well. 

If we look at the composition of the cats, we will come to know that they are carnivores and their main food ingredient is meat. They also eat small amount of vegetables, and grains as well. Now, taurine is the need of the cats which they acquire from the heart and liver of animals. Fish also contain good amount of taurine. Taurine is an amino acid which is responsible for the digestion, reproduction, and vision of the cats. So, from this point of view, cats can eat fish for acquiring this amino acid. Fish also contains protein which is necessary for the cats as a source of energy. So, fish is quite good food for the cats according to these perspectives. 

No doubt, some cats are allergic towards eating fishes as well and it is mainly due to the presence of mercury and other toxins in fishes. The excessive amount of fish as a food for the cats can create the UTIs (Urinary tract infection) and hyperthyroidism. So, you have to learn well about what your pet loves to eat.

Conclusively, cats are quite picky when we talk about the food and nutrition of them. You need to perform some experiment by allowing your cat to eat different food. Then, offer it the food which it loves to eat. My cat loves to eat Leonardo Duch and Fish which is a wonderful mixed seafood.