Importance of Fleas and Ticks Collars for Dogs

Fleas and Tick Collars play an important role in the protection of the dogs against fleas and ticks. If you have a dog at your home then the first consideration must be to get rid of the pests which always try to bite your dog. You also need to take necessary measures before the infestation in your pet. Use of the Fleas and Ticks Collars is the best practice in this regard. In this article, I will tell you the working principle of this collar.

How does a Fleas and Ticks Collar work? 

The main function of these collars is to treat and protect the dog at the same time. These collars are of two types including repelling, and treating collars. Repelling collar emits a gas which keep the harmful pests away from the dogs. The treating collar has the medication which seeps into the fat layer on the skin of the pet. There are two categorizes of treating collars. The first one kills the insects before biting the dog as it contains some ingredients which kill the insect on contact. The second one kills the pests when they bite the dog. 

Benefits of these pest collars 
These collars have some important advantages which make them the first choice of the pet holders including:-
Long-lasting up to 8 months 
Efficient protection against pests

What else a pet holder would want apart from these extraordinary benefits? You are also advised to consult your veterinarian for choosing the best collar for your pet.

Ingredients used in fleas and Ticks Collars  
Let us move forward towards the ingredients used in these collars and their effectiveness as well. Deltamethrin serves as the insecticide and it is really effective one as well which is present in the collars. Imidacloprid and acaricide are also the ingredients which are most often used which are the best insecticides. 
Conclusively, the fleas and ticks collars are really important for the protection of the dogs against the pests. I would like to recommend you people to use Scalibor Protective Band as it has the long-lasting effects of up to 6 months.