Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy Dry Food 16kg


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Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy Dry Food 16kg

Dry dog food Royal Canin LABRADOR RETRIEVER Puppy 16 kg - a special food for Labrador Retrievers under 15 months. Period of growth - the most important time in the life of a dog , because in these months laid the foundation for its further health. For the first 15 months of life, the weight increases Labrador puppy 70 times.

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2,665.00 EGP 2665.0 EGP 2,665.00 EGP

2,665.00 EGP

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Royal Canin Labrador Retriever 33 Junior Dry Food 16kg

For the formation of the skeleton requires a significant amount of protein and minerals in combination with exactly matched the amount of calcium - neither more nor less than the norm. Take care of your pet's digestive system. Put the puppy to solid food should be very careful, because his digestive system is not yet ready to digest large amounts of food and digestion starch. In the first few weeks of life the body remains under the protection of a puppy of maternal antibodies. But in the period between the 4th and 12th week of this protection is waning, and the puppy is vulnerable to infections. To overcome this period without loss of waning immunity will specially selected food. Optimally matched content of calories, protein, calcium and phosphorus promotes strong bone. The action of chondroitin, glucosamine and eykozapentenovoy and docosahexaenoic fatty acids supports the joints Labrador puppy from an early age. It helps to maintain a puppy Labrador ideal weight, and prebiotics and psyllium supplements maintain the balance of intestinal flora Labrador. Podderzhivaet puppy’s natural defenses and helps counter the health risks posed Labrador puppy.

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Ingredients :

rice, dehydrated poultry meat , vegetable protein isolate , maize , animal fats , corn gluten, barley, hydrolyzed animal proteins , minerals, fish oils, vegetable fibers , vegetable oils ( soybean , borage drug ) , egg powder, beet pulp, fructooligosaccharides , and the seed coat of psyllium seed bloshnogo , L- lysine, sodium polyphosphate , yeast extract (source mannooligosaccharides ) , hydrolysed crustaceans (source glucosamine ) , taurine , DL-methionine , marigold extract ( source of lutein ), L- carnitine , hydrolysed cartilage ( source of chondroitin ) .

The recommended daily dosage (grams ) :

Weight of adult dog      25 kg  30 kg     35 kg 40 kg

2 месяца                     235      240      255       275
3 месяца                     285      305      335       360
4 месяца                     310      345      380       405
6 месяцев                   395      460      500       540
8 месяцев                   380      445      485       525
10 месяцев                 360      425      465       505
12 месяцев                 350      410      445       485
14 месяцев                 340      395      430       465

Brand Royal Canin