Cliny Dental Cleaning Gel For Cats & Dogs 75ml - EXP 8/24


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Cliny Dental Cleaning Gel For Cats & Dogs 75ml - EXP 8/24

Dental gel 75ml is designed for the care of teeth of dogs and cats:
- Removes plaque
- Prevents the formation of tartar
- Whitens and strengthens teeth
- Relives and prevents gum disease
- Freshens breath
The composition of the gel has a unique formula:
- Silver ions promote an antibacterial effect
- Panthenol soothes oral mucosa
- Propolis, sage and marigold extracts remove plaque, have an anti-microbial and wound healing effect, stimulate metabolic processes, and relieve pain and inflammation
Apply gel across outer (and if possible inner) surface of teeth with a cotton bud or clean finger. For an even greater effect, treat the teeth with a toothbrush using circular movements. Does not require washing off. Apply Dental gel 1-2 times a week

Made in Russia

Product Code: 3507

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650.00 EGP

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LIFESTAGE Kitten or Adult Cat or Adult Dog or Puppy
Brand Cliny