Vitacop Chewable Tablets ( 600 Tablets )

A High Potency Multi-Vitamins ,Minerals And Trace Elements Feed Supplement For Dogs
Vitamin A,D,E,K3,B1,B2,B6,B12,C,Niacin,Ca-Pantothenate
-Folic acid,D-Biotin,Calcium,Zinc
-Dosage and Use
Administer daily as following with dividing once-twice

KG /Tablet
Under 5 /0.5
6-15 /1
16-30 /1.5
Over 51/3

Why Using Vita Cop ?!
1.Maintenance of dogs general health.
2.Maintenance during pregnancy and lactation.
3.Promotes growth and maintenance of bone and teeth in puppies.
4.Promotes growth and development of nervous system in puppies.
5.Prevents stresses and support during diseases.
6.Recover health after illnesses and operations.
7.Recover health of weak and old aged dogs.
8.Improves skin and gives shiny coat.
9.Support a health immune system and circulatory functions.
10.Protect dogs from environmental toxins (as it contains several anti-oxidants)
Made In Korea

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