Kekè Party Fiesta Crock & Snack 15Kg

Complete food for cats
with Fagottini stuffed with fresh cheese
Kekè Party Fiesta is the perfect food for the cat with a difficult appetite.
It is rich in chicken to give it all the proteins and digestibility it needs with a truly irresistible taste, and is enriched with special bundles filled with fresh cheese to stimulate its appetite.

The bundles are integrated with a special insoluble fiber that helps him maintain proper oral hygiene while enjoying his appetizing meal.
Kekè party fiesta: a complete food, delicious as a snack.
Cereals, Meat and derivatives (Chicken min.18%), Vegetable protein extracts, Oils and fats, Seeds, By-products of vegetable origin (Crude fiber concentrated from 1% natural lignocellulose in cheese dumplings), Mineral substances, Milk and derivatives ( Fresh cheese min.1% in cheese rolls).

Analytical components
Crude protein: 27.0%; Crude fat: 9.0%; Crude fibers: 2.3%; Crude ash: 7.9%; Methionine: 0.6%; Lysine: 1.3%; Taurine: 750 mg / kg; Calcium: 1.4%; Phosphorus: 1.0%; Sodium: 0.4%; Fatty acids (Omega 3: 0.45% and Omega 6: 3.3%).

Nutritional additives
Vitamin A: 22,000 IU / kg; Vitamin D3: 1,000 IU / kg; Vitamin E: 130 mg / kg; 3b201 Iodine: 0.5 mg / kg; 3b606 Zinc: 11.6 mg / kg.

Product Code: 0171

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750.00 EGP

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