Canina Cat-Vitamin 50g (100 Tablets)

Canina Cat-Vitamin 100 Tablets
Canina Cat-Vitamin Tabs - The tasty and healthy supply of vitamins.

Canina Cat-vitamin tablets are used to prevent deficiency symptoms and to compensate for nutritional deficits. They provide resilience and power after diseases and during pregnancy and lactation of the mother cat. Pleasant tasting yeast is used as a carrier for high taste acceptance. Canina Cat-vitamin tablets are especially important in mainly tinned feeding.

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Canina Cat-Vitamin 100 Tablets 

Canina Cat-Vitamin 100 Tablets

Canina (Kanin) CAT-VITAMIN Tabs - vitamin complex for cats

Vitamin complex, designed especially for cats. It fills nutrient deficiency in the body and eliminates cat arising from these symptoms. Canina (Kanin) CAT-VITAMIN Tabs - vitamin complex for cats strengthens the immune system and promotes speedy recovery from illness. It is recommended for pregnant and nursing cats. Cat-Vitamin - palatable vitamin pills, which provide full-fledged growth and excellent physical condition of the animal. Vitamins for cats Cat-Vitamin Tabs are indispensable for the natural type of feed for young animals.


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Composition, ingredients and additives:


Milk yeast, vitamin complex.
- Analysis:

Crude Protein 44.4%, crude ash 10.9%, crude fat 5.2%
- Additives per kg:

The vitamin content per 1 kg of the drug:
A - 600000 IU
D3 - 10,000 IU
E - 2430 mg
R3 - 60 mg
B1 - 240 mg
B2 - 160 mg
B6 - 120 mg
B12 - 1.800 mcg
Nicotinic acid - 1.200 mg
Pantothenic Acid - 300 mg
C - 2,000 mg
H (Biotin) - 10.000 mg

Recommended dosage of Canina Cat-vitamin tablets per day per animal:

According to the cat Size: 3-5 tablets.

Packing: 100 Tablet