UE Dog Stake Out Ground Spike Medium

Dog Stake Out Ground Spike

This Dog ground spike are a great way to secure your pet, when out camping or caravaning, or just in the gardenIt is also particulary useful as a gound spike for securing garden items in strong windy conditions, items like the kids trampoline, the gazebo in the garden or at shows, or even your tent while camping you never know when the wind is going to get up, better to be safe than sorry!

This secure ground spike is very useful if setting up your tent or caravan equipment and you do not know what to do with your dog. You can not leave your dog in the in the car because it is to hot, and you can not hold them yourself because it normally takes all of you to set up.
Very simple to use, all you need to do is screw the spike into the ground and secure your pets lead, cant be simpler.

Stake Out Spike Ground Tie Ring For Dog Lead
Made from strong 8mm thick metal, chrome plated.
Has 4.5 turns to help secure it into the ground (many have only 2.5 turns)
Will secure your pet, yet still enable them to run around the spike safely (has a swivel hook).

40 cm Length

Product Code: 1013

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