Belcando Junior Maxi Dogs Holistic 25 Kg

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1300.00 EGP

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    Junior Maxi

For raising young dogs of             larger breeds from 4 months of age

Our quality promise 

Product features

Selected raw ingredients and the right combination of protein, fat and calcium are matched to the slower growth rate of larger dog breeds. Rich in light poultry and easily digestible rice, BELCANDO® Junior Maxi is especially compatible and easily digestible.

What is the protein source?

 Futterprotein Quelle

 Futterprotein Quelle

Our ingredients


Rich in rice

Very easily digestible carbohydrate.



Supports the digestive system. Contains a high quantity of natural tannins and vital substances.

Vital components

Pro Agil 


strengthens the immune system naturally

Properly functioning immune system plays a key role in your dog's strength, lust for life and vitality just as it does for humans

Pro Agil 


for your dog's mobility at every age

Life consists of movement and change. Functional, flexible joints are an important prerequisite to ensuring that your four-legged friend grows up 

Made without

without wheat 


without soya 


without milk products 

        Milk products