Belcando Adult Dinner For Dogs Holistic 25 Kg

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      Adult Dinner

For dogs with normal activity         levels

Our quality promise

Product features

Careful selection of raw ingredients, plenty of tender poultry, healthy potatoes and cold-pressed grape seed flour give BELCANDO® Adult Dinner the ideal combination of nutrients for adult dogs. The limited content of protein and fat is adapted to the requirements of dogs with normal activity levels.

If the right quantity is fed, the dog's body weight will remain constant and the satiety level will be appropriate.

What is the protein source?

 Futterprotein Quelle

 Futterprotein Quelle

Our ingredients

Cold-pressed grape seed oil 

Cold-pressed grape seed oil

The bioactive substances in the grape pips (polyphenols) protect the dog`s cells.

Rich in potato starch 

         Rich in potato starch

Easily digestible source of carbohydrates for sensitive dogs

Made without

Ohne Weizen

Wheat and other grains containing gluten  

without soya 


without milk products 

           Milk products