MERA Pure Sensitive with Poultry Hearts 400g Dog Can

100% Animal Protein for Sensitive Adult Dogs
MERA Pure Sensitive Can with Poultry Hearts is a particularly tasty moist food for sensitive dogs with allergies or intolerance to feed.
► Moist food for everyday use
► Clean - 100% animal protein
► Cereal free formula
► Highest digestibility
Contains no cereals, exotic sources of meat, colorings, flavors and preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, sugar, soy, vitamin K3.

Ingredients: Poultry 71% (poultry hearts 30%, stomachs, meat, liver), broth 27%, minerals, rapeseed oil.

Analytical Components:Proteins 11.1%, fats 7.1%, crude fiber 0.4%, crude ash 1.8%, humidity 79%.

Additives per kilogram:
Nutritional supplements : Vitamin D3 200IE, vitamin E 25 mg, zinc 15 mg, manganese 3 mg, iodine 0.5 mg.

Product Code: 5142

40.00 EGP 40.0 EGP

40.00 EGP

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