Fokker Country Balance Meat & Fish Cat Dry Food 10Kg

Fokker Country Balance contains all of the necessary
proteins and fats, for a healthy physique and strong muscles; fats for a glossy coat and the necessary energy; carbohydrates for effective digestion, minerals for teeth, strong bones and a resilient immune system; vitamins for vitality.

Grains, meat and animal by-products (4% beef, 4% poultry in the heart shaped biscuits), vegetable by-products (2% cellulose in the 5-pointed star biscuits), oils and fats, fish and fish by-products (4% anchovy and 4% salmon in the red fish biscuits, 4% tuna in the darker fish biscuits), minerals, barley and vegetables (4% vegetables in the green biscuits).

Feeding instructions
The product is ready for use and should be served dry. Make sure that your cat always has a fresh supply of clean drinking water. The servings indicated are guidelines and partly depend on activity, breed and environment. Divide the servings over several meals a day. If Fokker is new to your cat then introduce gradually. Store in a cool and dry place.

Nutritional needs in grams/day
Weight Quantity
2 kg 35 - 45
3 kg 45 - 65
4 kg 60 - 80
5 kg 75 - 90
6 kg 80 - 100
8 kg 100 - 120
10 kg 120 - 140

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545.00 EGP 545.0 EGP

545.00 EGP

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