ARION friends Lamb & Rice Multi-Vital 15 kg

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770.00 EGP

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ARION Friends Lamb & Rice Multi-Vital 28/13 is a complete, high-energy food based on lamb and rice, specially developed for active and high-spirited dogs. It contains high-quality sources of protein and rice, which is a gluten-free cereal. This formulation reduces the risk of food allergies and intestinal problems.


Vegetable by-products (F.O.S.), meat and animal by-products (min 14% lamb in the dark brown bites, min 10% chicken in the green, yellow and tan bites, cereal (min 14% rice in the dark brown bites), oils and fats (animal fats), minerals, brewer’s yeast, egg and egg products, fish and fish by-products, yucca

Method of use

ARION Friends Junior 30/14 requires no preparation and does not need to be mixed with other food. Serve dry, making sure the dog has plenty of fresh, clean water freely available. Feed at the same time every day. Do not force the dog to eat if he is not hungry.

WeightRecommended daily intake
2 - 5 kg45 - 75 g
5 - 10 kg75 - 110 g
10 - 20 kg110 - 200 g
20 - 30 kg200 - 280 g
30 - 40 kg280 - 360 g
40 - 60 kg360 - 480 g
60 - 80 kg480 - 580 g
To spread over two meals

Analyse (%)
crude fat13
crude protein28
Crude fibre3
Crude ash8
Additives-Nutritional Additives/kg
E1 iron45
E2 iodine0.25
E4 copper5
E5 manganese7
E6 zinc30
E8 selenium0.02
Calcium (%)1,6
Phosphorus (%)1,15
Iron (mg/kg)45
Iodium (mg/kg)0,25
Copper (mg/kg)5
Magnesium (%)7
Zinc (mg/kg)30
Selenium (mg/kg)0,02
Vitamin A (E/kg)17000
Vitamin D3 (E/kg)1500
Vitamin E (ppm)130