Deltasec 1 Kg

Bedding & Atmosphere Conditioner
-For Pet (Dogs,cats and Parrots )
Kaolin,Dried Algae ,Eucalyprus Globulus essential oil ,Yucca Schidigera,Calcium Carbonate
Dogs,cats& Parrots :
Deltasec for pet must be administered at the rate of 100 g per M2 twice per week
1.Crate calming & relaxing pure atmosphere.
2.Helps to repel Flea and tick
3.Eliminates unpleasant odors of animal & birds house
4.Keeps continuous source of fragrance
5.Keeps good breathing & respiration
6.Keeps dry and clean bedding.
7.Sanitation and disinfection of both pet skin and bedding.
8.Helps to soothe itchy &Dry skin after insect bites ,Stings and skin rashes
Keep in a cool and dry place and protected from sunlight

Made In France

Product Code: 9153

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90.00 EGP

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