Phytocid Spray for Dogs and Cats 125 ml


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Josera JosiCat Tasty Beef
Josera JosiCat Tasty Beef
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Phytocid Spray for Dogs and Cats 125 ml

Insecticidal .. Acaricidal Spray

Each 125 ml contains:
Fipronil .................. 0.28%

Effective for treatment & prevention of all life stages of ectoparasite, tick, flea and lice in Dog & Cat.

Application Method:
Ruffle the animal’s coat while applying spray mist to its body.
• Hold the bottle in upright position and spray 10 - 20 cm above the body and against hair direction.
• Apply on entire body concentrating on affected area.
• Allow animal to air dry in well ventilated area (Do not towel dry).

Application Rate:
In order to wet the coat down to the skin it is recommended that the following application rates be used:
Short-haired animals (<1.5 cm)
- A minimum of 2.5 ml/kg body mass = 7.5 mg of active material kg/body mass.
Long-haired animals (>1.5 cm)
- A minimum of 5 ml/kg body mass = 15 mg of active material kg/body mass.
Each trigger application (click) delivers 0.5 ml spray volume
5 pump actions per kg (for short haired dog)
10 pump actions per kg (for long haired dog)

Ticks: 1 month (3-5 week), Fleas: 2 months (1-3 months)
this will depend on the parasite challenge in the animal’s
STORAGE: Store below 30oC in dark place. Protect
from heat.
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep away from heat and open flame.

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