Roxxen Foam With Lavender Flavor 500 ml


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Josera JosiCat Tasty Beef
Josera JosiCat Tasty Beef
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Roxxen Foam With Lavender Flavor 500 ml

Advanced Freshening Formula
Lavender Flavor

Antiparasitic & Freshening Care
To make your life easier & your pet always clean and fresh even outdoors
4 in 1
Roxxen Foam is more a treatment than just a cleaning gel due to its four combo powers.
Packaging: Roxxen Foam (500 ml)
The advanced freshening formula of Roxxen Foam gives it four combo powers; with these effective

- It promotes hair growth as a phytochemical and starch based product which contains vitamin E & zinc.
- It has an antiparasitic effect that kills mites, lice and fleas because of its antiparasitic agents as: benzyl benzoate & cetrimonium chloride.
- It has an antibacterial effect because it is a sterilized gel.
- It has inactive ingredients to give the gel its adorable fragrance.

Properties and Indications:
• Mixture of very fine and smooth components.
• Specific to absorb odor and sebum to give the body good smell and freshening feeling.
• Anti-parasitic effect to provide protection against insects and mites.
• Very safe without any kind of contact allergy and also relieves itching.
• Giving a shiny appearance for your pet's coat and hair.

How to Use:
1- Section the hair and move it against its direction to apply foamer.
2- Hand massage your pet and blend the product to the root of hair.
3- Let it settle to absorb dirts, sebum and oil.
4- Style the hair.

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