Pet Relaxin Syrup for Dogs and Cats 100 ml


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Amil Care Shampoo for Puppies 500 ml
Amil Care Shampoo for Puppies 500 ml
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115.00 EGP

Pet Relaxin Syrup for Dogs and Cats 100 ml

Calm and Smart Pet

Each 100 ml contains:
Omega 3 13.33 g
DL methionine 666 mg
L Lysine 166.6 mg
L Tryptophan 333.3 mg
L Taurine 500 mg
Glycine 333.3 mg
Choline chloride 23.3 g
Pectin 1.33 g

Properties & Indications:
• Pet Relaxin contains omega 3 which acts as substrate for the biosynthesis of SPMs that have powerful anti-inflammatory & immune stimulating effects.
• Pet Relaxin is important to prevent cardiovascular problems as HCM in cats & DCMP in dogs.
• Pet Relaxin keeps the integumentary system of your pet healthy, intact & shiny.
• Pet Relaxin is used as a supplement to treat bladder infections & prevent bladder stones in dogs.
• Pet Relaxin is essential for perfect functionality of the nervous system, production of neurotransmitters & prevention of seizures and cognitive disorder.
• Pet Relaxin works as an antioxidant that protects cells against free radicals & detoxifies chemicals within the body, protecting your pet from cancer & other diseases as CRD in cats.
• Pet Relaxin provides the pet with relaxation feeling especially during transportation or different stressors.
• Pet Relaxin improves sleep quality, mood & behavior while decreases the territory aggression in pets.
• Pet Relaxin is essential for the proper brain and eye development in puppies.

Mix well into food or via drinking water.
Dog: - Up to 10 kgs: 2.5-5 ml
- 10 – 20 kgs: 5-7.5 ml
- 20 – 30 kgs: 7.5-10 ml
- +40 kgs: 10-12.5 ml
- Kitten: 2.5ml
- Adult cat: 5 ml

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