UE Handi Drinks Water Bottles


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UE Handi Drinks Water Bottles


Handi Drinks Water Bottles

Handi Drink 17oz for Dogs is a great way to keep your pet hydrated while travelling. This portable water bottle comes with a tray that can be folded back easily. Your canine pal can drink to his heart’s content through the tray that can be held easily. Carrying the bottle is convenient, thanks to the belt clip and carrying strap. There is no question of leaks and spills as rubber flow-control valve in the cap works to reduce flow back in the cap.

Handi Drink 17oz for Dogs features a dispenser tray that snaps back after the dog drinks from it
The water bottle holds sufficient water, and is easy to use and carry
The cap of this bottle features a patented rubber flow-control valve that prevents leaks, spills, and backwash contamination
Handling and carrying the bottle is easy with the belt clip and carrying strap
The bottle is portable and great way to provide pets with fresh water while on the go


Capacity:Each Handi-drink holds 17 oz.

1. Slide latch down to release and remove bottle from dispensing tray.
2. Remove carrying strap from bottle and attach to the end of tray.
3. Fill bottle with fresh water and screw cap down tightly.
4. To dispense, insert bottle tip down into socket end of tray.
5. Pull bottle upright to lock into place.
6. Hold bottle and squeeze to dispense water as dog drinks. Do not fill tray or place on ground. Flow valve will open and close automatically to prevent spillage, waste and backwash.
7. To carry, pull up on bottle to unsnap from socket.
8. Replace bottle into tray and slide latch up to secure for transport.
9. Use carrying strap or convenient belt clip for easy portability.

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