Crocus Beef Sticks Dog Treats 80 g


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Josera JosiCat Tasty Beef
Josera JosiCat Tasty Beef
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100.00 EGP

Crocus Beef Sticks Dog Treats 80 g

90% Meat and Meat Derivatives

T: In the Form of a Soft Stick That Your Dogs Will Love to Consume, With A High Content of Beef, High Digestibility, Nutritious and Delicious Snacks Thanks to The Probiotics They Contain.

It Does Not Contain Artificial Colorant, Aroma and Sugar.

Ingredients: Meat and Meat Derivatives (90%), Starch, Vegetable Protein, Vegetable Fiber, Plant Glycerin, Animal Fats, Probiotic, Potassium Sorbate

Basic Nutritional Values: Raw Protein:35, Crude Oil:22,5, Raw Cellulose:0,6, Raw Ash:7, Moisture:17

Nutritional Advice:
for Dogs 3-5 Kg: 4 Pieces
for Dogs 5-10 Kg: 7 Pieces
for Dogs 10-25 Kg: 12 Pieces
for Dogs 25 Kg and Above: 17 Pieces

Made in Turkey

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