BARS® Flea & Ticks Drops For Dogs 10 Kg (1 pipette) best by 6/2024


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Pets Republic Anti-Scratch Spray For Cats 250 ml
Pets Republic Anti-Scratch Spray For Cats 250 ml
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BARS® Flea & Ticks Drops For Dogs 10 Kg (1 pipette) best by 6/2024

* highly effective against fleas and ticks.
* Composition and pharmacological properties:
BARS® drops against fleas and mites for dogs as active ingredients contain fipronil 50 mg / ml, diflubenzuron 1 mg / ml and dicarboximide (MGC-264) 5 mg / ml and excipients

The mechanism of action, which is part of the drug, fipronil consists in blocking the GABA-dependent receptors of ectoparasites, impairing the transmission of nerve impulses, which leads to paralysis and death of ectoparasites. Diblubenzuron, by inhibiting the synthesis of chitin in parasites, disrupts the moulting, egg-laying and hatchery-hatchery process, which leads to an end to the replenishment of the population. Dicarboximide is a synergist and is used with insecticides to increase their activity. Dicarboximide stops microsomal detoxification of the insecticide, increasing its toxicity for the parasite.

After the skin application of the drug, the active ingredients entering into its composition, not absorbed into the systemic blood stream, are evenly distributed over the surface of the body, accumulate in the sebaceous glands, and protect the animal from ectoparasites for a long time.
* Indications for use:
Assign to dogs from the age of 8 weeks for the treatment and prevention of entomoses (lice, fleas, withers), sarcoptic disease, nooterosis, otodectosis, heiletellaella, ixodic infection.

* Contraindications:
Individual sensitivity of the animal to the components of the drug. Patients with infectious diseases, weakened and convalescent animals, pregnant and lactating females, as well as puppies younger than 8 weeks of age, dogs weighing less than 2 kg are not subject to treatment.

* Doses:
1 dropper pipette (1.4ml) per 10 kg of the animal weight.

Apply to animals once by drip application on dry undamaged skin at several points in the back between the shoulder blades or in the neck region at the base of the skull (in places not accessible to animals) .

The protective effect of the drug persists for 1-2 months. Repeated treatments of animals are carried out according to indications, but not more often than once a month.

In the treatment of otodectosis, the auricles and auditory canal are previously cleaned from earwax, exudate and scabs, then 4-6 drops of the drug are added to each ear. To distribute the medicinal product evenly, the auricle is folded along and slightly massaged by its base. The remainder of the drug in the pipette is applied to the animal on the skin between the scapulae. In the neglected case of otodectosis, complicated by otitis media, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents are prescribed and the auricular application of BARS® drops against fleas and ticks is repeated after 7-10 days.

The medicinal preparation must be injected into both ears, even in cases of odeectectomy with only one ear.

To prevent splashing of the medicinal product (if the animal shakes its head), fix the head of the animal for several minutes.

In order to prevent re-infestation by fleas, animals are replaced by litter or treats them and the floors of premises with any insecticidal agent in accordance with the instructions for its use.

* Special instructions:
Do not wash and bathe the animal for 3 days before and after treatment, and apply the medication to moist or damaged skin.

* Adverse events:
Side effects and complications when using the drug in accordance with the instruction, as a rule, is not observed.

With increased individual sensitivity to the active components of the drug or an overdose, it should be washed off with water and detergent and prescribed to the animal antihistamines and symptomatic agents.

* made in Russia.

Package contains 4 doses and the price is for 1 dose only
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