Sanicat Clumping Duo 10L

Sanicat Clumping Duo 10L

Sanicat Duo Professional Clumping is everything you need and expect from a cat litter.An extra strong clumping power, this cat litter traps liquids in clumps, making it easier to collect dirty litter with a litter scoop. It also has maximum odor binding and is virtually dust-free. Best of all it comes in a scent of vanilla and mandarin, leaving your kitty litter smelling lovely.

Comes in a 10ltr bag.

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150.00 EGP

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Sanicat Clumping Duo 10L


The first clumping cat litter with two scents.

Get the longest-lasting cat litter thanks to a combination of clumping litter with the fragrant scent of vanilla and mandarin orange.

Its thicker granules also prevent cats from dragging the litter outside the litter box.