Belcando Adult Power For Dogs Holistic 5K

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Adult Power

For highly active dogs and breeding bitches

Our quality promise 

      Product features

      With carefully selected components, lots of easily digestible poultry and fish for high-biological-value protein, particularly from Omega-3 fatty acids, BELCANDO® Adult Power is the ideal food for dogs that use a lot of energy. Cold pressed grape seed flour ensures optimal cell protection. The particularly high content of protein and fat is adapted to the extraordinary energy requirements of dogs who put in top performances in work, sports and leisure activities. The high nutrient density is also suitable for breeding bitches at the end of their pregnancies and during the nursing period.

        What is the protein source?

         Futterprotein Quelle

        Futterprotein Quelle 


        Our ingredients

        Cold-pressed grape seed oil 

        Cold-pressed grape seed oil

        The bioactive substances in the grape pips (polyphenols) protect the dog`s cells.

        Fischmehl aus Meeresfischen 

        With fish meal from seafish

        As a protein source with high biological value. Contains special omega-3 fatty acids.

        Vital components

        Pro Agil


        for your dog's mobility at every age

        Life consists of movement and change. Functional, flexible joints are an important prerequisite to ensuring that your four-legged friend grows up 

        Made without

        Ohne Weizen 

        Wheat and other grains containing gluten

        without soya 


        without milk products 

        Milk products