Purina Pro Plan Large Robust Puppy Opti Start Rich in Chicken 3 Kg

If you have a large breed puppy with a robust physique, try PURINA® PRO PLAN® DOG Large Robust Puppy with OPTISTART®. This complete puppy food will help your robust-breed puppy make the most of life, supporting his health as he begins the journey to adulthood.

Your puppy has his own nutritional needs as a large, robust breed, and PURINA® PRO PLAN® DOG Large Robust Puppy with OPTISTART® contains these nutrients at the appropriate levels for his size and age. It also contains colostrum, which is found in mother's first milk, to help support his long-term health.

This complete dry dog food with OPTISTART® helps support healthy joins, long-term health, their developing immune system, and their dental health. It contains high quality pieces of chicken, and it can also be fed to lactating or gestating bitches.

- Helps support healthy joints
- Helps support long term health
- Enables puppies' developing immune system to react efficiently
- Specially formulated for dental maintenance
- Specially formulated for large breed puppies with a robust
- Contains high quality pieces of chicken

Analytical constituents:
Protein:                        29.0 %
Fat content:                  15.0 %
Crude ash:                    7.5 %
Crude fibres:                 2.5 %
Taurine:                        0.1%
L-Carnitine:                   0.02%

Product Code: 4647

465.00 EGP 465.0 EGP

465.00 EGP

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